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May 1, 2020

My weight loss motivation & How did I found it

By admin

My weight loss motivation is a trending topic these days. Do you feel like you are incredibly bored with your life? Are you uncomfortable with picking up something you drop from the floor? Do you feel angry when people call names and start shaming your body? Are you tired of finding your weight loss motivation?

Above all, do you feel shy about taking off your shirt in public? Then this is the right place for you. I know you believe in a miracle that could transform your body into a hot looking figure.

As impossible as it seems, this blog will rekindle your passion for weight loss motivation. Today will be your lucky day. You can follow our tips and techniques for weight loss.

First things before anything

First of all, you should ask your self, “Why should I lose weight?”. Then several ideas might pop into your head. So it a little bit of me-time for you. However, these thoughts might vanish quickly. Therefore take a piece of paper and start writing those reasons.

It is perfect if you do this activity alone. Take some time and do mindfulness thinking. Otherwise, take help from a friend or family member if you think you are unable to do this task.

Here are some ideas about why do you want to lose weight.

After reading your list, you will get the right idea about the reason why you should start your weight loss journey. This reason is the first step in your weight loss motivation. You might be overweight or obese. However, you can begin your plan. Additionally, make a beautiful poster that can paste on your wall. This will be your wake up call and your reminder about your passion to stay motivated to lose weight.

my weight loss motivation

Do you know your BMI?

Secondly, identify your BMI. You can read our BMI guide here. Then identify your fat burning goal. That is to say the aim you are going to achieve in the future. In simply what is your target? For instant, assume that you are 110 kg, and you need to reduce your weight to 70kg.

However, make sure these goals are achievable within the preferred time frame. Your goals should be SMART.

Smart Goals.

my weight loss motivation

For example, I will reduce my weight from 100 kg to 70 kg within one year. Subsequently, divide your main goal into a few short term goals.

  • I will reduce 2 kg within the first month
  • I will reduce 5 kg within the second month

Make sure my weight loss motivations are realistic.

Most importantly, make sure these goals are realistic. Making unachievable goals can lead to frustration and giving up. Nevertheless, Achievable goals can lead to increase motivation to become thinner. For instant, if you reduce 1 kg within 1st week, you will motivate to reduce another 1 kg in the following week.

These will increase your morale. Sometimes your friends and family will encourage you and help you with your slimdown journey. It is a great advantage. If you take a step forward, several factors can help you to keep going.

Educate your self before my weight loss motivation.

Subsequently, you need to educate your self about fat burning. You should decide whether you are going to follow a diet plan or exercise program or both. Thus you can read on my weight loss motivation website that will provide a complete guide to shed some pounds. One way to get inspired is reading about weight loss motivation stories.

Support from friends and family

Finally, you can increase your motivation by gathering other people with the same interests and ideas. You can invite family members and friends. Sometimes they might know a little bit more about slimdown. Or else you can be their coach to motivate them.

Family support is a perfect strategy to adopt during the first day of your journey to become thinner. Besides, couples can try together. This will help them to develop more affection and to help each other with their weight reduction goals. Even Friends can motivate yourself, and also create weight loss competition between your small circle.

In short, Starting from nothing is hard. But make sure you need to step out of the box someday and plan towards your weight-reduction plan. Otherwise, it might be too late. Therefore stop wishing and start your weight loss motivation from today.

my weight loss motivation