Extrinsic and intrinsic weight loss
May 2, 2020

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for slimdown

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Motivation is defined by psychologists as the starting point for something that you choose to do in the future. This incentive is an inspirational start with a lot of positiveness. When it comes to slim down, there are two types, according to psychology. They are Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for slimdown.

This classification is based on the influence of internal factors and external factors of human behavior. Many people use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for weight reduction.

This influence differs from one person to another. If you find the correct type of supportive influence that you are looking for, you can apply them in your weight loss journey. That is to say, and you can find the correct motivational factors from our blog. There is a reward and award in every step of slimdown.

The extrinsic factor will benefit your dream of becoming thinner. Both types are essential and proven to be effective, according to the scientist. However, each type works differently on each other. It is essential to learn about each type before you start your weight loss strategy.

intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation.

It is the motivation that occurred due to extrinsic rewards and to avoid punishment. simply it is a game between reward and awards of your body.

For example, you need to reduce your waist size to fit into the new dress of you. Or to try out the old clothes that you love. And also to shed some pounds to stay beautiful at a weekend party at your best friend’s home. 

Likewise, you need to reduce weight if you need to apply for the new job as the company secretary. All these are external factors that will influence you to reduce weight. Hence, this is an example of extrinsic motivation.

Indeed, it has short term goals, and you motivate yourself to a short period. Extrinsic motivation is promising and helpful for many people to influence their weight-reduction plan.

Extrinsic reward

On the other hand, others will notice your change. And it will make you happy. For instance, when you attend a party with a new dress that makes you look thin, you will get wonder-full comments from the crowd. It is a nice extrinsic reward and a perfect example of extrinsic motivation.

This is a great way to continue the inspiration. However, there is a  risk of failing this extrinsic motivation. Many people failed in maintaining extrinsic factors for a long time. It’s not suitable for long term influence. 

For example, you might give up your weight-reduction plan after achieving your goals. That means if you are fit enough for your old jeans you will give up your entire plan. 

This is normal in every perspective. However, this could lead to depression or loss of extrinsic rewards in the future. You need a lot of short term goals if you intend to use this motivation for a long time.

Intrinsic motivation.

This motivation occurs through the internal desire to do activities to achieve a goal. Sometimes this involves intrinsic rewards, but sometimes it is not. However, there is positive feedback in intrinsic meaning in the long run.

Imagine you are walking 30 minutes daily for a couple of years. This is a routine for some people. But they stay healthy by practicing this for a long time. These are examples of intrinsic motivation.

Above all, this will increase positive energy and mood in our bodies. It takes some time to reach a weight reduction goal. However, in intrinsic weight loss motivation, it is essential to identify and overcome the obstacles you face. 

During your intrinsic motivation, meditation is a perfect way of overcoming those problems. In short, intrinsic motivation is based on your personal choices and pleasure accompanied with intrinsic rewards.

If you don’t like enjoying what you do, this is not the right inspiration for you. For an instant, if you hate walking in the morning, you will not last long last for a week. However, if you love doing yoga in the morning, it is suitable for you. When you start loving this idea, it will become standard practice throughout your life. So be wise and find your life long encouragement.

Extrinsic and intrinsic weight loss, motivation

Which one is the best?

Surely extrinsic motivation looks very easy to practice. However, it is more likely to give up shortly. Therefore you should adopt some intrinsic weight loss motivation to achieve long term goals.

Both of these motivations are important to achieve your life weight loss goals. You should maintain a link between extrinsic and intrinsic weight loss motivation for a better outcome. And look for both extrinsic rewards as well as intrinsic rewards.

Ultimately, try to feel healthier and happier with whatever the weight reduction inspiration you choose.

intrinsic and extrinsic motivation