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May 5, 2020

How to stay motivated to lose weight?

By admin

Staying motivated to lose weight sounds like a magical thing. Some people worship this, while some people ignore it completely. However, motivation is something we have in different amounts. If you are reading this article, you might have some inspiration at the beginning. You are exploring other ways to maximize that motivation. You have come to the right place. The following are some best ways of staying motivated to lose weight that will help you in your weight reduction pathway.

Short term goals and motivated to lose weight

motivated to lose weight, set short term goals.

When you started your weight loss journey, you must have goals. These goals are achievable. You should have the ultimate goal in your plan to shed some pounds of your body. But it is important to have short term goals within your main target. Imagine that you are planning to reduce 20 kilograms within the next six months period. Meanwhile, it is better if you have short term goals align with your main target.

You can use something like below. I will reduce 30 grams within the next two weeks. Your goals should set according to the SMART principle. (read about SMART goals). If you could not achieve these goals easily, it will lead to frustration and giving up. You need to change your mindset with bright ideas. Occasional bodyweight checking is the perfect way to achieve short term goals. You can either check your weight or check BMI. However, making short term goals is effective in increasing motivation for weight loss.

Remove distractions and motivated to lose weight.

motivated to lose weight

Remove distractions is an excellent way to stay motivated to lose weight. You might probably have lots of distractions. Here is a list of distractions that might cause a delay in your weight loss motivation. Once you have identified this distraction, you need to remove them wisely. It is like carrying extra baggage on a mountain climb. For example, if you have a family member or a friend who loves sugary and fatty foods. It’s better to avoid taking meals with them.

Indeed it can affect your healthy meal plan. Assume that you are going to a gym with a lot of crowds. You might feel distracted when you meet new people and talk with them. Sometimes you have to wait in a queue to use exercise machines. This distraction will reduce your workout time for the day. The best solution is to change your gym or visit it during a non-crowded time. Likewise, when you remove distractions, you can stay motivated during your journey to burn calories.

Stop procrastination and motivated to lose weight.

Procrastination is the willful delay in your work. This delay is a terrible habit of many people, which can cause significant drawbacks in motivational weight loss. Procrastination present naturally in most humans. Assume that you have been jogging for one hour in the previous three days. When you got up in the morning, you would feel like that is not to run today. Inside your mind, you will justify this idea by moving it to the evening. It is known as procrastination of your weight loss plan. This delay is hazardous in reducing motivation.

Sometimes if you have some errands to run in the evening, it will get postponed again to the next day. Once it started, it might be dragged for days or even for weeks. You need to avoid procrastination at all costs if you want to stay motivated to lose weight. A good solution is to reduce your workout time when you feel distracted or unwell. Always attend to the right program at the right time. Don’t skip your workout unless it is an unavoidable situation. As an example, the death of a family member, getting sick, getting to an important meeting, or opening up a new business. Therefore stick to your plan and avoid procrastination to achieve motivational weight loss.

Take regular breaks.

stay motivated to lose weight

Staying motivated to lose weight is not a movie marathon. You will find it difficult at some point. It is essential to have breaks during your weight loss journey. People with high motivation attitudes think that they can pull up a heavy load of action. This thought will lead you to exhaustion or cause injuries. Taking breaks occasionally will prevent the above problems. For example, you can take a day off from your fat burning plan once a week, or you can skip a gym day once a week.

Sometimes you will feel guilt about this move. But trust me, it is a must-do in your motivational weight loss plan. You will feel refreshed the next day. And will assist you to stay motivated during your weight reduction program. It is ok to have a cheat day during your workout. You can have your favorite meal during the cheat day. Taking regular breaks is essential to stay motivated to lose weight.

Reward your achievements

Once you have set up your fitness goals you will reach them step by step. It is crucial that you should appreciate your achievements. You can treat yourself. During achieving these steps, the rewarding mechanism is an effective way to keep your psychological well being. When you stick to a strict weight loss plan you feel like your emotions are bound towards your goal. It is OK to feel frustrated if you did not achieve your weekly fitness goal.

But once you do achieve those, treat yourself with simple reward. It can be as simple as your favorite sweat or your cloth. For example, if you are on the no-carb diet you can add a reward(ice cream) after completing your target. This is profitable in self-satisfaction and helps to keep your mental integrity in staying motivated to lose weight.

Start each day with motivational quote.

weight loss motivation quotes

When you start your day, what is the first thing that you do? For most of us, the answer is checking our mobile phones for messages or any new social media updates. You can change this habit to more positive and effective practice. Checking out motivational quotes daily is a good habit. Several platforms are available for this idea. For example, you can use the following motivational apps to check out quotes. Or else you can check our Pinterest for hundred and thousands of quotes.

Or else you can simply visit our Instagram or Facebook page. Once you have read these quotes, you will get the necessary encouragement that is required to boost your daily work. You can even share these quotes on social media. These actions will raise awareness to stay motivated to lose weight among your friends. It is good to show others that you are on fitness motivation.